Township Tours - Book From R 500

Half Day 09h00 - 13h00. This tour reflects Cape Town as a City with diverse cultures.

Highlights include:
Disrtict Six and Museum, Bo Kaap, Cape Flats, Langa, Gugulethu and Khayelitsha. In this tour tourists have an opportunity to interact with local people. This tour is also a reflection of the apartheid regime, when residential areas were segregated according to racial groups. The tour is offered both in the morning and afternoon. Entrance fees for the Museum are not included. In the district Six Museum, there are artefacts and photographs which depict life  during apartheid.

Township Tours
This tour gives your exposure to the vibrant township life. You interact with the locals, have conversation and get to know first-hand their  daily struggles.  To get a better understanding of the life of the township, the residents take you to places which they visit almost every day. You get an opportunity to taste an African beer, Umqombothi.  Sibahle Tours provides you with branded enamel mugs. These you take them home as a form of memorial. You also given an opportunity to visit a Sangoma, known for predicting the future.   As Sibahle Tours is working together with a crèche, Amy Kids, in Gugulethu, you can also visit. If you so wish make also a donation as a way of supporting the community.
On a Sunday, you can come and worship in the township, where you experience the vibrant way of worshipping.  You can choose from various denominations; Methodist, Anglican etc. Here you can do  rhythmic dancing and singing at the beat of drums.